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5 Flucel 250mg Injection2 30mg, 40mg Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Voriconazole Tablets 50mg, 200mg Tablets Oncology Cancer Care
Temozolomide Capsules 20mg, 100mg, 250mg Capsule Oncology Cancer Care
Vincristine Sulphate Injection 1mg/ml Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Vinblastine Sulphate Injection 1mg/ml Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Thalidomide Capsules 50mg,100mg,250mg Capsules Oncology Cancer Care
Teniposide Injection 50mg/5ml Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Tamoxifen Tablets 10mg, 20mg Tablets Oncology Cancer Care
Tacrolimus Capsules 0.5mg, 1mg, 5mg Capsules Oncology Cancer Care
Sorafenib Tablets 200mg Tablets Oncology Cancer Care
Rasburicase Injection 6mg Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Pemetrexed Injection 100mg, 500mg Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Procarbazine Capsules 50mg Capsules Oncology Cancer Care
Progestin Injection 150mg/30ml Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Palonosetron Injection 0.25mg/5ml Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Paclitaxel Injection 30mg, 100mg, 260mg Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Ondansetron Injection 4mg, 8mg Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Octreotide Injection 0.2mg/ml Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Oxaliplatin Injection 50mg/100mg Injection Oncology Cancer Care
Megestrol Acetate Tablets 40mg Tablets Oncology Cancer Care

What is Oncology?

Oncology is the field of medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and early detection of cancer. The branch of medicine that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. It includes medical oncology (using chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and other drugs to treat cancer), radiation oncology (using radiation therapy to treat cancer), and surgical oncology (using radiation therapy to treat cancer). surgery and other procedures to treat cancer). 

Oncology Cancer Care Manufacturers & Suppliers

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