WHO GMP Certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

What is WHO GMP Certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturing?

A method known as good manufacturing practise (GMP) is used to guarantee that products are consistently manufactured and monitored in accordance with quality standards. It is intended to reduce any production-related risks associated with pharmaceuticals that cannot be avoided through testing the finished product. In the pharmaceutical sector, GMP is a very crucial concept. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is a system for guaranteeing that pharma products are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with quality standards. Good manufacturing practise (GMP) refers to the minimal requirement that a pharmaceutical manufacturer's production processes must meet. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) plays a crucial role in coordinating GMP activities at the European Union (EU) level and coordinates inspections to ensure compliance with these requirements.

An organisation or a factory may hire another business to produce its goods, a practise known as third party pharmaceutical manufacturing. As long as there are no modifications made to the formula, the first firm, referred to as the "client," pays the second company, referred to as the "manufacturer," to produce its product under its brand name. Although both parties can benefit greatly from this arrangement, there are hazards associated with these arrangements. Third Party Pharma Manufacturing is a development in the pharmaceutical sector, offering customers the greatest technology to easily make high-quality medications. You can gain access to cutting-edge technologies that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive by outsourcing your production process.

Partner with top third-party who gmp certified pharma manufacturers in India

At, we provide a digital e-commerce platform to pharmaceutical/ Nutraceutical/ Cosmeceutical buyers to match with the who gmp certified third party pharma manufacturers/sellers/ service providers - to effortlessly meet their requirements and expand their market share. Pharmatradz match your order requirements with the top who gmp certified third party pharma manufacturers suited to work on your products.

Therapeutic Segments Available In WHO GMP Certified Third Party Manufacturing Plants:

  • Nephrology Medicine Products Range
  • Oncology Medicine /Products Range
  • Critical Care Medicine Products Range
  • Anti Covid Medicine Products Range
  • Anti Viral Medicine Products Range
  • Osteoporosis Medicine Products Range
  • Women's Health Medicine Products Range
  • Anemia Medicine Products Range
  • Allergy Medication Medicine Products Range
  • Resipiratory Disorder Medicine Products Range
  • Antipsychotropic Drugs Medicine Products Range
  • Anaesthetics Medicine Products Range
  • Sexual wellness Medicine Products Range
  • Hair loss Medicine Products Range
  • Medical aid Medicine Products Range
  • Plasma Products Medicine Products Range
  • Blood disorder Medicine Products Range
  • Immune disorder Medicine Products Range
  • Anti-fungal Medicine Products Range
  • Arthritis Medicine Products Range
  • Multiple sclerosis Medicine Products Range
  • Hepatitis Medicine Products Range
  • Heart disorder Medicine Products Range
  • Diabetes Medicine Products Range
  • Transplant Medicine Products Range
  • Hypertension Medicine Products Range
  • Analgesic Medicine Products Range
  • Gastrointestinal Medicine Products Range
  • Antiemetic Medicine Products Range
  • Antibiotics Medicine Products Range
  • Nutraceuticals Medicine Products Range
  • Cosmetics Medicine Products Range
  • Vaccines Medicine Products Range

100% Quality Assurance at Pharmatradz for WHO GMP Certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

Pharmatradz offers high quality pharmacy products from trusted who gmp certified third party pharma manufactures having GMP approved facilties trusted by Global Pharma Companies. We ensure that all of the finished products meet or exceed customer needs so that they get their money’s worth. We strive towards high quality products by using good quality raw materials, cutting down on manufacturing time and costs, and taking safety measures as part of our production cycle.

Benefits of WHO GMP Certified Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

By outsourcing your drug manufacturing to a third party who gmp certified pharma manufacturer, you not only can save up to 70% in costs but there are various benefits. The manufacturing of every product takes place by focusing on guidelines of ISO, GMP and WHO. The manufacturer doesn't compromise with any sort of GMP standards and every division which is associated with them believe in making the best pharmaceutical product. WHO GMP certified Third party pharmaceutical manufacturing can offer you many benefits, including high quality products manufactured according to FDA regulations, bulk discounts and direct shipping. With a WHO GMP third party pharma manufacturer, you'll be able to control the quality and speed at which your medication is manufactured.

Documents Required for Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

A few fundamental documents are needed to avail Third Party Pharma Manufacturing. As you need a drug licence number and a GST number or Tax Registration for your business. Once you have both of the necessary documentation, you can launch your pharmaceutical company under your own brand name. You can easily apply to work for third-party pharmaceutical production. Here are the documents you will need to submit for Third party pharma manufacturing:

  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • Sales Tax Identification Number
  • Identity Proof (KYC)
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Drug License
  • Company Profile
  • Agreement Copy

How Pharmatradz helps in Third Party Pharma Manufacturing?

At Pharmatradz, we help you find high demand & high quality pharma products, connect with qualified who gmp certified third party pharma manufacturers that might be a good fit, and close the deal.

To meet your sourcing needs, we collaborate with the best third-party pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers that are who gmp certified. We take care of all the details to have your products packed and dispatched within the allotted timeframe as we match your demands with the appropriate partner.

Note: We also offer complete branding and design services for those who are looking for a complete package for manufacturing and designing packaging solutions for their business.

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